Open Source SIP Networks Protection System

SecSIP at NOMS 2010

A paper describing the VeTo language syntax and semantics is in the proceedings of NOMS 2010

2010/08/19 10:06

SecSIP at IPTCOMM 2009

SecSIP demonstration will be presented at IPTCOMM 2009. The poster is availale here

2009/07/06 23:48

SecSip in Action

By following the link How it works ? you find an animation that shows the different components of SecSip. It let's you understand how SecSip protects your SIP network from known vulnerabilities.

2009/04/17 17:30

SecSip SVN

The SecSip SVN is available on: the INRIA Gforge

2009/04/01 15:14

SecSip at IM 2009

SecSip will be presented at the 11th IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management: IM 2009. 1 - 5 June 2009, Long Island, New York, USA at Hofstra University.

2009/03/30 21:36

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Download version 1.0 Here
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